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Aeronautical Information Services Division (AISD)

The AISD operates under the leadership of a Deputy General Manager within Air Navigation Services Myanmar, and its primary responsibility is to provide aeronautical information services and aeronautical cartography within the Yangon FIR.

Functions of AIS Myanmar:

The AIS performs the following functions:
1. Collecting, receiving, or originating aeronautical information/data for the entire territory.
2. Collating, editing, or formatting the aeronautical information/data.

Responsibility of AIS Myanmar:

AIS Myanmar holds the responsibility for the published information. It ensures that the aeronautical information/data provided, both within the entire territory and in areas where Myanmar is responsible for air traffic services outside its territory, is adequate, of required quality, and delivered in a timely manner.

Necessary arrangements are made to ensure timely provision of required information/data to the aeronautical information service by each department and services associated with aircraft operations. Whenever an Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) is amended or reissued, concerned authorities are requested to provide updated information for inclusion.

The service is available during the entire period of an aircraft’s flight in the area of responsibility of the aeronautical information service, with an additional two-hour period before and after. Additionally, the service is made available at other requested times by appropriate ground organizations.

AIS Myanmar also acquires information from the aeronautical information services of other States and other available sources to provide pre-flight and in-flight information services. Any aeronautical information/data obtained is clearly identified as having the authority of the State of Origin and, if possible, verified before distribution. Unverified data, when distributed, is clearly labeled as such.

Moreover, AIS Myanmar promptly shares any necessary information/data required by other States’ aeronautical information services for the safety, regularity, or efficiency of air navigation.

AIS Myanmar is responsible for receiving and/or originating, collating or assembling, editing, formatting, publishing/storing, and distributing aeronautical information/data concerning both the entire territory of Myanmar and areas where Myanmar is responsible for air traffic services outside its territory.

Aeronautical information is published as an Integrated Aeronautical Information Package.

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